At WithAll, we are all too familiar with the devastating consequences of eating disorders. With 70% of girls and 40% of boys reporting body dissatisfaction, there is no better time for you to make a positive impact on the kids in your life.

That’s why we started the What to Say initiative.

What to Say is dedicated to equipping adults with simple tools to help kids develop healthy relationships with food and body. It starts with a 30-second pledge: to stop diet and weight talk. From there, you’ll receive ongoing resources for how to replace diet and weight talk and be an advocate for the kids in your life.

What to Say works. In fact, pledge signers have found a 87% positive change in their behaviors and words. This means that more kids have a chance to grow up free of disordered eating and thinking.

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See why hundreds of others have joined us on our mission to stop diet and weight talk and support the health of the kids in their lives.

I want to be a positive role model for my two sons.

Shana, Mom

I am a coach, teacher and parent of three girls. I have seen the negative effects of diet and weight talk in all of these roles and we can change! We must change!

Heidi, Coach, Parent, Teacher

I need to be mindful of how I talk about food and bodies for both myself and for all the amazing littles in my life. How great would it be to have a future where dieting and body dissatisfaction aren’t a part of the daily conversation!

Danielle, Aunt,

Because the athletes I coach are so much more than a number on a scale. And because my own children deserve a mom who values being fit and healthy more than fitting in 00 jeans.

Lenka, Mom,

Because people have intrinsic value and deserve to be treated with love and dignity.

Meredith, Mom,

I am a role model for children as a coach and educator, therefore it is my responsibility to make sure my messaging helps them live healthy lives!

Matt, Coach, Teacher,

Diet talk and the mentality with dieting has been shown to negatively impact kids (and adults) —affecting both physical and mental health. Let’s join forces and teach kids to feel confident in their bodies!

Trine, Health Care Provider,

Body image is the source of so much personal identity. We ALL have a responsibility to raise up the children around us to understand their value & worth is NOT tied up in their appearance. We could literally SHIFT society’s bent if we collectively shifted.

Dawnette, Aunt, Teacher,

I am pledging for myself and my well being. I deserve better than I’ve treated myself in the past and that changes today. I’m also pledging to set a good example for my friends, my family, and my son, Doc.

Tara, Health Care Provider,

What to Say Works

You want the kids in your life to feel happy and healthy in there bodies. What to Say is backed by decades of eating disorder prevention research and it actually works. By avoiding diet and weight talk and learning what to say instead, you can positively affects kids. Learn more about the What to Say movement here.  

What to Say Q&A Series!

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Take the pledge & Get access

This series will provide answers to your everyday questions about supporting the health of kids related to food and body image. Engaging voices you can trust, WithAll will give you access to expert and relevant guidance and practical steps for supporting your kids health, answering your questions like:

  • What do I do when my child keeps asking for popsicles for breakfast?
  • I don’t want my child to have the same struggles with food and body that I did. What can I do differently?

Each month, we’ll choose a few of your questions to answer in short Q&A videos or posts and deliver it right to your inbox. We’ll provide practical tips & advice to address your real situations and help you live out the pledge in your daily lives.

Take the pledge to learn more & get answers to your questions today!

Thank you to our Program Sponsors for making What to Say possible!