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Did you know that athletes are about 3x more likely to develop an eating disorder than non-athletes? With societal pressure, strength and endurance-based activities, and an environment where being lean is encouraged, it’s no wonder why!

Luckily, you are in a perfect position to change these odds. Even though you aren’t raising the children you work with, they admire you and what you say contributes to their self-perception. That’s why we created a 5-week Coaches Challenge, to help you create a healthy environment to build up kids. 

The 5-Week Coaches Challenge

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FAQs from Coaches and Mentors

Below we’ve listed some common questions from coaches and mentors about creating a world free of diet and weight talk.

How do I talk about staying in shape without using triggering or potentially harmful language?

Athletes *do* need to be in healthy shape to play sports! As a coach, it’s likely that you’ll want to promote healthy habits such as exercise, mindful eating, and self-care in your athletes. This is a positive message, and we suggest you keep it that way by not including diet and weight talk. Focus on movement, joy, and personal growth instead.

I’m worried a child I know has an eating disorder? What do I do?

Eating disorders are serious. If you’re concerned, trust your gut but do not bring it up to the child before talking to their parents. Visit our Get Help page for specifics on how to handle this situation. 

How can I promote a healthy world for all athletes and kids?

The first step is getting other adults involved. The more adults who know to focus on health–not size, shape, or weight– the better! 

We’ve made this easy for you. You can share our pledge, share our website, or download social media templates to share on your pages. You are our biggest advocate; thank you for bringing others on board!

Blogs for Coaches 


As coaches, what you say to your athletes matters. That’s why we offer you helpful tips and actionable advice to create a safe practices, games, and lessons.

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