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Being a parent is hard. There’s no doubt about it. And, when food and body come into play, things get even more challenging.

You want the best for your children, so do we. Take the What to Say pledge to get eating disorder prevention resources for parents along with tips to make talking about food, body, and exercise a little bit easier. 


How do I talk to my children about bodies and weight?

Research shows that talking about weight around kids, in any context, has a negative impact on them. It is also a known contributor to eating disorders. So, we recommend staying away from weight and body talk to help prevent eating disorders in kids.

How do I talk to my children about food?

We always recommend you avoid diet talk around children as it often has a negative impact on their self-perception. Instead, focus on balance, connection, and community. To get specifics on what to avoid and examples of what to focus on, take our pledge. We’ll email you tips and give you free access to parent Q&As.

I’m concerned my child has an eating disorder? What do I do?

Eating disorders are serious. If you’re concerned, trust your gut. Visit our Get Help page for how to approach your child and how to get help today.

How can I promote a healthy world for all kids?

The first step is getting other adults involved. The more adults who know to focus on health–not size, shape, or weight– the better! We’ve made this easy for you. You can share our pledge, share our website, or download social media templates to share on your pages.

Blogs for Parents


As parents, what you say matters. What to Say offers helpful tips, actionable advice, and lessons that you can put into practice to create a healthy food and body environment for your kids.

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