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Are you looking for more ways to bring your commitment at home, work, or school? Look no further! Check out our products below to help remind you of your commitment to stop diet & weight talk.

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What to Say Family Mealtime Cards

WithAll’s Family Mealtime Cards include questions, games, and activities to cultivate conversation around the dinner table. In addition to being an opportunity to connect, family mealtime can have profound mental and physical health benefits for kids. Studies have shown that, in addition to other health benefits, family mealtimes can reduce the likelihood of a kid developing an eating disorder. The cards also include a few “What to Say” tips on how to talk to your kids about food and body in ways that strengthen their physical and mental health.

WithAll’s Family Mealtime Cards are for all ages and are the size and quantity of a standard deck of cards. Your purchase supports WithAll’s efforts to prevent eating disorders and support recovery. May these cards help support time together that you all enjoy. Salud!

WithAll’s Family Mealtime Cards are made possible through the generous support of RBC Wealth Management.

Cost $25