Why is it so important to not talk about weight with judgment?


“Research shows “weight talk” has a negative impact on kids. Weight talk is harmful. Talking to a child with judgment about their weight, your weight, and the weight of others is known to contribute to the development of negative thoughts about one’s body.  Body comments, body judgment, and teasing about body shape/size can lead children to develop a negative self-image. This can lead kids to develop harmful habits at a time when their bodies are growing, and their brains are developing.

 People in recovery from an eating disorder, and eating disorder professionals know that weight talk has a negative impact:

“Almost all clients I see have a vivid memory of someone in key moments of their lives saying something that negatively impacts how they feel about their body and how they eat.” – Geri Scherer, MA, LP, Therapist/Licensed Psychologist

Eating disorders, often misunderstood, or overlooked, are serious health conditions that will impact the lives of nearly 2.0 million children alive today who do not currently have an eating disorder but will develop one before adulthood.

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