Why Your Words Matter

Kids are not born thinking about carbs, clean plates, their size, or being “perfect.” They are born loving their bodies and what they can do. They love to move and they eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. They are proud because they exist. It’s simple.

Unfortunately, by the time kids can talk, it’s likely they’ve already been exposed to negative food and body messaging. From TV commercials to magazine covers, we live in a culture that floods us daily with impossible standards.

Research shows us that eating disorders are caused by many factors, but one key factor is environmental conditions. This means that what kids see and hear is a major contributor to the development of eating disorders. While this may sound overwhelming, it’s actually hopeful. It means you can help prevent eating disorders in kids!

At WithAll, we want all kids to grow up happy and healthy. That’s why we launched What to Say.

How What to Say Can Help You

Expert research has shown that what adults say to kids matters in an extraordinary way. Kids’ brains are not fully developed for critical thinking, so they take what you say as the truth. What they hear from you often becomes their internal dialogue.

But, you already know this because you remember a time when an adult said something negative about your body or your food choices.. Did it stick with you? How long did it take you to realize it wasn’t the truth? Just like we have experienced, kids are susceptible to what they hear us say.

Luckily, the inverse is also true. Kids remember the positive messages that we share. With 70% of girls and 40% of boys reporting body dissatisfaction, there is no better time for you to make a positive impact on the kids in your life.

What to Say gives you the tools you need to protect the kids in your life. Whether you’re a parent, coach, teacher, pediatrician, or family member, What to Say gives you simple tips and phrases to build up kids when it comes to food, body, and exercise. In fact, 93% of What to Say users surveyed have shared What to Say helped them positively change in their behaviors and words. What to Say works. And, it’s easy.

Directly download resources from our resource center or take our quick, 30-second pledge to stop diet and weight talk. Applying these tips with the kids in your life will make a difference.

You’re never alone in trying to create a better world for all kids. We’re here to support you.


Join us on our mission to stop diet and weight talk and protect the mental and physical health of the kids you love.